History: how it all began

The school began with its work on 23rd September in 1907. under the name: Higher Trade School. Forty-three pupils were enrolled in the beginning, without any girls.

After the World War I, it became possible to form The Royal Academy of Trade with 54 students. In the period leading to World War II, the school changed its names as well as curricula quite often. The school bears the name State Trading Academy for 24 years, up to school year 1948/49. For the next school year, the school bears the name Secondary School of Economics, and as from 14th March 1952 it was changed into “Bosa Milicevic” Secondary School of Economics, after a former girl student.

Throughout its century of existence, Secondary School of Economics, former Higher Trade School and Academy, changed its location a number of times. In 1963 the school was moved into the building of today’s Open University, and in 1985 it was relocated to its current location, at 21, Đure Đakovića Street.