About Us

Our Mission

We are a modern vocational school of successful and satisfied students and competent teachers. We use traditional and modern methods and teaching aids to educate students in two fields: economics, law, administration, and trade, catering, tourism, in both Serbian and Hungarian. We prepare students for work and further education. We also educate adults through additional training and specialization.


Our Vision

We want to be a school with high quality professional staff, which educates students according to the current market trends, the developmental needs of the local community and the wider community. We want to be a school, which contributes to the creation of a safe, pleasant and stimulating environment for work, education and training, in a new, modern school area. We want to become a model for successful functioning of educational institutions and a school leading the development of vocational education in the region.


Strategic Goals for the Development of Our School

  • Providing an adequate space to work – a new school building,
  • Improving formal and informal education, strengthening the competence of teachers and individualization of teaching for students with special needs,
  • Enhancing cooperation with parents / guardians and immediate social environment,
  • Improving working conditions and our own sources of funding