Wake up, reality’s calling! – ACES project


Ekonomska škola, Subotica,
Subotica, Serbia

Ekonomska i upravna škola
Osijek, Croatia

Project Description:

Being media literate is one of the premises of taking part in active citizenship. Also, idea of media education isn’t about having the right answers, but asking the right questions, so we want to show all participants the importance of critical thinking towards media in today’s society. They will attend workshops, where they will gain knowledge about forms and techniques of media construction and learn how to deconstruct a media product and understand the decisions and factors behind one.
Introduction to the project: discussion of the project with the class using an interactive method and video link with participating schools; administration of an initial questionnaire, which will analyse the level of media education of our students. Workshops concerning credibility of media as a source of information, basic principles of media literacy, how to validly understand and interpret a media message.
Making short films, presenting them to all the students. Starting a school pamphlet. Project Meeting (students and teachers from Croatia are coming to Serbia) with round tables, discussions, visiting local media houses, working on a Facebook page, workshops, visiting theatre, doing live shows on local televisions, visiting Subotica’s heritage attractions.
Project Meeting II: visit of Serbian students and teachers to Osijek, Croatia. Round tables, discussions, workshops, visiting local media houses, cinema, analyzing Croatian media products, visiting local attractions. The last part of our project is consisted of administrating the final questionnaire, certification of all participating students, recording an original song about our project. Summarizing experiences and writing the final report.

More information here : http://www.aces.or.at/project-detail?projid=596