Develop tolerance – respect difference


Ekonomska škola, Subotica,
Subotica, Serbia

Turističko-ugostiteljska škola Antona Štifanića Poreč
Poreč, Croatia


International Cooperation

Project Description:

What we are trying to achieve in this project is to stimulate socialization processes among students in order to raise the level of tolerance. Furthermore, to develop positive attitudes of students toward diversity in their social environment, improve our schools` practice and give our students the opportunity to gain new knowledge and meet people across the borders of our countries. The students will be included in various workshops, round tables, sports venues and charity work.

In order to create a positive atmosphere among the students, starting from November 2, four workshops will take place (in Poreč and Subotica). The names of the workshops are: “Who am I, who are you, who is she/he and who are we?”, “Self awareness”, “My personal garden” and “Me box”. All the workshops are dealing with self-awareness, tolerance and accepting the difference. In the second part of November Subotica will visit Poreč… can’t wait!
6 students and 2 teachers from Subotica spent 3 days in Poreč; starting from 8th December.They were involved in various workshops,sports activities,visited tourist attractions,like Baredine cave (protected geomorphologic nature reserve),Eco museum Batana House (dedicated to the fishing boat of the same name and to the local community that has identified this boat as its symbol), Agroturism Ograde…

Students had a great time,were very sad to say goodbyes!
In the third phase of our project, students and teachers from Poreč visited Subotica.

On December 17th, the students of school in Subotica visited the Institution “Kolevka” for homeless children. It was a very moving and touchy occasion to bring some joy and happiness to these children’s lives. Namely, the students of our school collected a lot of presents for these children and arranged them as New Year presents.

Special Achievement Award – Justification by the Jury

“The jury found this project to be a serious and enthusiastic effort in fostering cooperation between schools of two neighbouring countries – Croatia and Serbia – despite the fresh memories of the 1990’s war. It is the jury’s opinion that crossing borders and getting in touch with each other is of crucial importance for the future of the region. This project shows us that intercultural work is possible when motivated and talented students recognise joint interests and are not afraid of their differences and similarities.”


Claudia Lenz, The European Wergeland Centre, DE/NO
Jan Husák, Czech Council of Children and Youth, CZ
Tamara Šmidling, Center for Nonviolent Action, RS/BA

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